Dietmar  Klumpp
Dietmar Klumpp
Director & Writer

Black is Back

This film highlights the exciting story of vinyl from the 80s till now – its zenith, its dramatic fall due to the introduction of the CD forced by the music industry, and its unexpected revival. Now, vinyl records are booming again, and the CD is losing ground. Even music downloads were surpassed by vinyl record sales in the UK in 2016. It shows that music fans want something to touch, to see and to feel. This film unveils the battle of vinyl lovers worldwide who helped the record to survive: It is a fight between art and commerce. Artists, technicians, and collectors, their passion for the black disc, its unique sound and the creative possibilities were the key to keeping the vinyl record alive. This film tells the amazing story of an old, analogue technique that survived the digital transition against all odds.

Team Partner
Verena Lemmer
Training Programme
Masterschool 2017