Maarten Schmidt
Maarten Schmidt


By showing the impact an asbestos-­producing multinational corporation had on my village, I will expose the mechanisms that industries use to keep on selling products that are toxic to our human environment.

Almost without noticing, the deadly politics of industrial pollution have invaded our society, and more often than we think remained unchallenged but have a lasting impact on our human environment. Industrial pollution has become an intrinsic part of our society, in a way we fail to understand it’s deeper-­‐rooted motifs. We even seem to accept its consequences as an inevitable part of our (post‐) industrial society. How is it possible to take apart or discuss this ‘monolith’ that has been created?

Breathless aims to bring this discussion close to the audience, not only by unraveling the tactics and mechanisms of polluting industries but also by showing the impact the former world-­leading asbestos multinational corporation had on a Belgian village, where inhabitants still have difficulties to come to terms with its devastating history.

Team Partner
Daniel Lambo, director
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Supported by Flemish Film Fund
Top Awards/Festivals
Winner Audience Award at MOOOV Film Festival (2018)
Official Selection at Brussels International Film Festival (2018)
Movies That Matter (2019)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2013