Time Thieves

Our society is speeding up. Fast food, fast learning, speed-dating and one-minute bedtime stories have become the routine, and "speed" has become synonymous with "modernity".

Did it all start when renowned efficiency experts in the 1920s taught their children to speed up their household chores? Or when our societies became more secular, with consumers swapping the prospect of eternal life after death for a fast menu of leisure activities? Is speed a function of capitalism and progress? Is it compatible with democracy as truly democratic processes are inherently slow? This film investigates the social, neurological and political limits of a speeded-up society.

Team Partner
Cosima Dannoritzer, director
Producer / Production Details
Polar Star Films
Top Awards/Festivals
Docs Barcelona (2018)
Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (2019)
Broadcast on ARTE (France and Germany) , RTVE and TVC (Spain), Servus (Austria), SRF and RTS (Switzerland), YLE (Finland), YES TV (Israel)
Available on iTunes (2020)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2014