Shou I  Yang
Shou I Yang

The Siraya Grassland – The Story of the Eastern Grass Owl

The Eastern Grass Owl is a unique subspecies to Taiwan. Its number is declining and is facing the crisis of extinction. As they are nocturnal birds of prey, inhabiting the bottom of the grasslands and hiding by day, active by night, they are extremely difficult to observe.

The Eastern Grass Owls eat rodents, but the way farmers poison field mice with poison has become the most deadly crisis for grass owls. Moreover, the village’s ancient slash-and-burn agriculture method is the number one killer of the Eastern Grass Owls’ habitat.

Wildlife expert Tseng Yi-shuo has been involved in the rescue of injured Eastern Grass Owls for many years. Changing from passive to active, his team is using satellites to track the path of The Eastern Grass Owls. They are devoted to the habitat protection and resumption, and unravel the mystery behind the history of grass owls.

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