Iván Castell
Iván Castell

The Rise of the Synths

Who does not remember the haunting electronic music of John Carpenter’s first Halloween? It was a highly effective score that stayed with you for days! Recently we have seen a true 80s revival. Films such as Drive, It Follows or Ready Pleayer One and TV series like Stranger Things or Glow, show a trend. Is this a random revival? This is the story of a musical scene born in MySpace in the mid 2000, known as Synthwave: electronic modern composition heavily inspired in the soundtracks of cinema, TV and videogames from the 80s. It was born underground, but what was a whisper in selected internet hubs has become, over the last 6 years, in an ever-growing scene, accounting millions of plays in social media and getting media attention. Lets discover what Synthwave is before it bursts into the mainstream or dies inevitably without glory.

Team Partner
Ana Castañosa
Top Awards/Festivals
In- Edit Festival (2019)
Doc'n Roll Festival (2019)
Dock of the Bay (2020)
FAME - Festival international de films sur la musique (2020)
IFFR (2020)
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Masterschool 2017