The People's Camera

The People's Camera is a 3-part documentary and website celebrating the 50th anniversary of Super 8. The films tells the story of 50 years of popular culture.

Super 8 was the first mass-market camera, heralding the era of the home video. Everything from a child's first steps to guerrilla filmmaking and the Vietnam War began to be recorded by amateurs. This was the birth of Indie!

Part 1 Home Movies – The lives, loves and tragedies of ordinary people.
Part 2 Power to the People – World changing political events told by those who were there.
Part 3 The Birth of Indie – From experimental filmmakers like Werner Herzog to the early days of Punk Rock.

Half a century of political and cultural upheaval told with unique eyewitness interviews and the most evocative, intimate archive ever recorded.

Team Partner
Edward Dallal, producer
Producer / Production Details
Spring Films
Training Programme
Masterschool 2014