Emile Dinneen
Emile Dinneen

The Nightdancers

The Nightdancers are a secret sub-culture said to be possessed by a powerful traditional spirit which makes them dance on the graves of the recently deceased. As the group are invited to London to perform at the UK's biggest hip-hop dance theater festival, they begin to uncover some shadowy truths about a phenomenon they had believed was just myth.

Seven years after helping start a grassroots breakdance movement in Uganda, filmmaker Emile Dinneen charts this journey from the bustling streets of Kampala to the bright lights of London.

Team Partner
Nicky Gogan, producer
Producer / Production Details
Still Films in co-production with Mythos Films and Blueprint TV
Supported by Irish Film Board
Top Awards/Festivals
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2009