The Next Guardian

One family lineage in a remote valley in central Bhutan has been guarding an ancient monastery for hundreds of years. 13 year old Tashi is the youngest daughter of this family. Following tradition, Tashi's father the chief guardian of this monastery wants one of his sons to inherit the monastery but none of them is willing. At the same time the father is confronted with Tashi who is going through the biggest changes of her teenage years as she discovers her boyish identity. Considering herself a boy Tashi wants to take care of the monastery instead of her brothers but the village will never accept a woman caretaker. How will the father find a balance betweeen his desire to preserve his family traditions and his children's changing values? The film is the portrait of a family through a young girl's search for identity in a country where tradition is still the dominant force of life.

Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2015