Joanna Szymanska
Joanna Szymanska

The Mercenary

Some professions have an expiry date. Jacek is 53 years old and he is a mercenary. He served in the Foreign Legion, fought in Sarajevo, worked for corporations in Africa, protected presidents and traded weapons, he was out there traveling from war zone to war zone, dealing with all of what the mercenaries deal with all around the world. He knows no other reality. But this reality, the one he identified with, no longer needs him. His days as “a dog of war” are over. We meet Jacek when he is at the crossroads and we follow the process of this old fighter trying to reinvent himself. Through Jacek we will plunge into the mysterious and closed world of mercenaries but most of all we will be looking into the soul of a man, actively participating in a process of revealing the darkness of his past and his struggle to break the vicious cycle of his life.

Team Partner
Cezary Iber, director

Training Programme
Masterschool 2016