Wolfgang Peschl
Wolfgang Peschl

The Lion in the Lagoon

The story of Venice is written by its ships. In late Middle Ages, Venice was not only a city, it was a state, an empire. Ship-builders of Venice specialized in galleys. Much of their medieval know-how has been lost, but much can be reconstructed from widely dispersed historical sources. In this way, amazing secrets from days past can be unearthed. Of all the Mediterranean peoples, the Venetians were the first to understand the connection between navigation and mathematics; the first to put guns on men-of-war, the first to win a naval battle.

The film dives down the sunken galleys, visualizing medieval ship building techniques by CGI, computer animation and compositing. Life in medieval Venice is re-enacted. It narrates the rise and downfall of the Venetian Republic and its ships.

Team Partner
Marvin Chomsky, director
Christian Twente, director
Uwe Kersken, producer
Producer / Production Details
Laufbild Gesellschaft
Training Programme
Masterschool 2002