Irja Martens
Irja Martens

The Farmer and I

Bhutan, a small country with 800,000 inhabitants, has recently opened its borders to foreign investment, and is facing an explosive drive towards unfettered Western modernization. Yet the young king is determined to preserve his country's cultural and nature.

Belgian economist Gunter Pauli is given the chance to help shape a somewhat blank canvas, one of the world's last - Bhutan. He shares the optimistic vision of the young king who dreams of Bhutan being a better place. Gunter wants to help implement unorthodox solutions to preserve Bhutan's cultural and natural inheritance against an explosive drive towards Western modernization. But representatives of established development aid bodies threaten to follow through with a different agenda. The decision rests in the king's hand: Where will he take his country?

A conflict of science, investments and beliefs starts.

Team Partner
Carl-A. Fechner, producer
Producer / Production Details
Fechner Media
Top Awards/Festivals
Best Documentary Film at Polish Int. Film Festival (2016)
Documentary Award at Hollywood Independent Film Fest. (2016)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2012