Rudolph Herzog
Rudolph Herzog

The Crusade

The story of B. Premanand, a notorious guru buster, and his relentless crusade against fake godmen in India.

The film is a profile of a 73-year-old man in India who wants to rout out fakirs and fraud godmen. Premanand walks from village to village, looking for victims.

When he spots a self-proclaimed "holy man", he goes up to him and spoils his act. Among others, he has busted a 600-year old fakir and a man who claimed he could walk over water like Jesus. Despite constant murder threats, Premanand is determined to go on a last "farewell tour" through India, believing that this is the most effective way to fight religious extremism.

Team Partner
Christine Ruppert, producer
Cara Donnellan, producer
Producer / Production Details
Tatfilm Cologne
Training Programme
Masterschool 2002