The City Will Pursue You

Ossama is fond of reciting the stories of old buildings being continuously demolished in the city. Islam's story is about his experience with the "Don Bosco" Italian catholic school where he experienced some alternative teachings during his childhood. Alaa has lived all his life in his big family house, the house that he had to evacuate later for the inheritance to be distributed. Hend, the Nubian writer, has a story related to her late grandmother, Halima, who was brought to Alexandria to serve in the royal palace of Al-Montazah. She resided in a cottage of those that were built specially for the servants just beside the palace. These cottages still exist but are to be demolished sooner or later.

The film deals with his passion of collecting old personal documents of Alexandrians.

Top Awards/Festivals
Ismailia International Film Festival (2017)
Goethe Film Week (2018)
Cairo Cinema Days (2018)
French Institute of Alexandria (2018)
Training Programme
The MENA Programme 2012