The Chinese Rich 2.0

If persons had the right to choose their own parents and family, there is little doubt that most of them would be willing to be born in a rich family without worrying about back and belly. The Second Wealthy Generation is just that kind of persons who owns a big fortune only by inheritance. A car accident caused by one of them in Hangzhou in 2009 made this generation, which a lot of people are jealous of, become the focal point once again. The resentment of the rich among most of Chinese people and the negative reports by mass media – adding fuel to the flames – make people’s understanding of the Second Wealthy Generation gradually biased. This documentary film tells a story about four individuals who belong to this special group, which interprets their happiness and sorrows in many aspects such as life, business, marriage and ideas to the most real extent, presenting the audience the most unfamiliar and touching things about them.

Producer / Production Details
Kevin Shen and Alex Zhang
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2010