Modern Pets

CAT FLAP is a documentary about the sense and nonsense of the modern world. GPS-Tracking, facial recognition, multi-sensory microchip implants, artificial intelligence - the latest technologies help to make dreams about life improvement come true.

CAT FLAP will take us on a journey to a world where the future is now: Pet Tech - The world of high tech pet products. Taking the viewer to this miraculous science fiction world of implanted bio-data collecting chips, intelligent feeders and GPS dog collars, the film will engage with the latest technological developments and what kind of undreamed-of possibilities they seem to provide. From a light and humorous perspective, CAT FLAP will ask questions: What does progress mean? What are our underlying desires and hopes? What are our self- and life improvement strategies? And eventually: What does it mean to be a living being? As a human, as an animal or even as a robot?

Team Partner
Alex Tondowski
Producer / Production Details
Tondowski Films
Training Programme
Masterschool 2019