The Castle

After serving as a maid for 50 years, Justina (60) received from her lifelong employer a manor in a a desolate spot of the Argentinean pampas as inheritance. The only condition is that she would never sell it. Justina and her daughter Alexia (17) move from the city to this derelict mansion where they need to survive facing the challenges of their new life. Their lack of experience with countryside tasks turn their life into a tragic comedy. While they start selling the few cows they have to pay for the roof repair, they still have to serve the family of the previous owner who keep using the mansion as a weekend retreat, expecting a luxury service. They are running out of cows, Alexia wants to move back to the city and Justina is facing the idea of a life alone in a castle.

Team Partner
Mayra Bottero, Producer, Argentina
Training Programme
Campus Latino 2020