Isabel Fernández
Isabel Fernández
Director, Producer

The Builders of the Alhambra

The Kingdom of Granada, XIV century, the last Muslim bastion in Europe. The men of the Alhambra are busy distilling the formula to build the most stunning palace the world has ever seen, in the East or the West. Yusuf I, the seventh king of the Nasrid dynasty, had a vision as he strolled through his garden under the light of the stars: he wants the dome above the throne room of his palace to replicate the celestial sphere above. He calls for his trusted vizier, Ibn al-Jatib. He’ll notify the plan to the men of Diwan al-Insa, of which he is the head. They’re the finest intellects in the kingdom, used to great challenges, but this goes way beyond anything they have had to tackle in the past.

Team Partner
Aritz Cirbian
Training Programme
Masterschool 2018