Lilian Franck
Lilian Franck

The Border Crosser

Through personal action, Neshe Yasin has become a symbolic political figure in one of the world's most intractable international conflicts. She lives in "Little Berlin". That means Nicosia in Cyprus, Europe's last divided capital. Neshe is a well-known Turkish Cypriot poet, but since short time she lives on the Greek Cypriot side. There, the human rights fighter is surrounded by the very people who attacked her parents' house when she was six years old. She cannot meet, see or even talk to her brother anymore, who only lives one hundred meters away.

This very emotional, character-driven film shows Neshe's lone struggle against a border guarded by nearly 100,000 soldiers of 5 armies. Through her eyes, we discover that the old battle between Muslims and Christians is created and kept alive by other superpowers.

Team Partner
Robert Cibis, producer
Producer / Production Details
Rolli Films
Training Programme
Masterschool 2001