Jascha Hannover
Jascha Hannover

The Books He Didn't Burn

Adolf Hitler is more notorious for burning books than for collecting them. However, we know today that he was in possession of 16,000 volumes at the time of his death. 1,200 books from his private library have been preserved. In "Mein Kampf" Hitler claimed, "I studied almost everything I could get in the way of books, and the rest of the time I delved deep into my own thoughts." Numerous childhood friends and comrades from the First World War confirmed this: Hitler was a bookworm.

Of the original 16,000 volumes found in his library, a good 1,200 have been preserved. Since 1952 they have been stored in Washington’s "Library of Congress", and have received little attention so far. But the numerous markings made by Hitler, provide an insight into which sources he used to feed his "Weltanschauung".

"The Bookworm" goes on a search for clues and immerses itself in the international intellectual circle of "Rassenwahn". Their thoughts and theories became a reality in the crimes of the Nazis.

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