Carl Gierstorfer
Carl Gierstorfer

The Bloody Truth

Few people know more about HIV/AIDS than Jon Cohen, the 52-year old correspondent for the journal "Science". During twenty years reporting on the topic, Cohen has seen many theories on the causes of the pandemic shot to pieces. Only one has stood up to scientific scrutiny: Colonialism created the unique conditions necessary for HIV to become the worst pandemic of the 20th century. In this documentary, Cohen sets out to Central Africa to gather evidence for this theory. He uncovers how colonial exploitation, the destruction of tribal societies and irresponsible medical campaigns created the conditions necessary for HIV to emerge. The lessons learnt from this dark chapter of human history may hold the key to finally defeating the AIDS pandemic.

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Docdays in co-production with YUZU & CONGOO for Smithsonian Channel, ZDF/ARTE, CCTV, RTBF & VRT, S4C, PBS International
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Broadcast on ARTE, Smithsonian Channel, CCTV10, RTBF, VRT and S4C amongst others – for the World AIDS Day (December 1, 2014)
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Masterschool 2011