Monika Halkort
Monika Halkort

The Battle for Our Minds

Computer and video games have become dominant forces in today’s popular culture. Last year, their sales not only outperformed the US box office but also achieved a record high revenue of 12 billion dollars worldwide. Given the popularity and reach, it is quite astonishing that hardly any research has been done on the long term social and cultural impact of this new medium.

The film sheds new light on the unknown territories of digital toy land by telling the story of five people, whose lives have been deeply impacted by computer games.The film does not try to provide final answers on the impact of games on individuals and society but aims to investigate the social and cultural dynamics of the new medium based on individual, real life experiences.

Team Partner
Thomas Kufus, producer
Producer / Production Details
Zero One Film in association with Films Transit International for SWR/ARTE
Top Awards/Festivals
Broadcast on ARTE, SWR, Phoenix, Eins Plus
Training Programme
Masterschool 2002