The Afterlife

Nael Al Bargouthi, known as the Dean of the Palestinian Prisoners. Behind this title which was given to Nael for spending 34 years in Israeli Prisons, a long story of deprivation, solitude, patience and hope. Nael was arrested by the Israeli army back in 1978, he was sentenced for life. After 34 years, Nael unexpectedly finds himself released during the Gilad Shalit swap. From his small cell, Nael finds himself released to a bigger prison! According to the conditions of his release, Nael cannot leave the city of Ramallah in the West Bank. The Afterlife will focus on showing how it is for a human being, who spent over 3 decades inside the prison to conform to life outside, like a newborn. How is it to adapt to all the dramatic changes since his capture, and try new experiences for the first time like a child. What does freedom mean for him?How does society treat these prisoners after their release? Behind the huge welcome ceremonies and the heroic treatment they receive, are they eligible to live a normal life within the society they have been away from?Is there any rehabilitation provided for them to live a normal life like the rest of the citizens.The Afterlife will tell the story of a prisoner, and the impact prison had on him, then show how this impact is affecting his life after gaining freedom.

Training Programme
The MENA Programme 2013