Take it or leave it (WT)

"Take it or leave it", the credit providers said in unison to Greece. Money against sovereignty. Greece accepted. Since then, Greece's debts have been bringing German advisors, politicians and civil servants into the country. They are supposed to help the Greeks to implement the austerity and reform requirements. There is much to change at all levels in Greece, preferably following the example of the largest lender, Germany.

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT (WT) shows how small actors try to negotiate the big European blueprints on fields, roads and borders. We experience the systematic rebuilding of a country through three encounters. Privatisation, corruption and migration: in observational images, a tragically comical interplay of advice, self-interest, shift of power and loss of sovereignty unfolds before the eyes of the audience, resembling a bad theatre.

Producer / Production Details
ma.ja.de, Germany
Training Programme
Masterschool 2021