Swimming with Dragons

Good luck, Prosperity and Happiness. Welcome to the world of Dragons, Myths and FISH?! The legendary Arowana fish is prized and valued amongst enthusiasts for its colour and beauty! Once common and plentiful, eaten for meals instead of traded for high prices, today this species is raised, nurtured and loved to the point of obsession by its fans. In some cases fetching over 50-thousand U.S. dollars for a single specimen! Follow the journey of one Arowana devotee as he travels throughout Malaysia to as far away as Japan, where they perform a type of “fish” plastic surgery, all to create the perfect fish! Go behind the scenes, with Chew Han Tah, filmmaker and Arowana expert, in this compelling documentary. Follow his quest to save the wild Arowana, have the species dubbed the National Fish of Malaysia and finally, display his own prized fish in the ultimate arena, Aquafair Malaysia!

Producer / Production Details
Ai Nie Wong / Jet TV / Malaysia
A co-production with Al Jazeera English, UK
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2011