In a public boarding school live 50 teenagers who share their struggle to make their way into an uncertain future after surviving on the streets of Bogota. With the complicity of 10 of them we create a fictional character: a classmate who has decided to escape from the boarding school. One by one, the girls narrate the story of Alice’s life, projecting on her their sufferings and their dreams. The performative game moves between trauma and vitality to become an exploration of their inner worlds: learning, growth, and the search for identity. Aside from protecting them, this fiction allows us to move beyond their biographies, creatively revealing something profound: their self-images, and opening the door to reflection. Strong is a psychological documentary, an intimate story of the scars left by the way we are raised that finally become our tools for facing life as adults and breaking the cycle of abandonment.

Team Partner
Production Company: Casatarantula
Training Programme
Campus Latino 2019