Philipp Griess
Philipp Griess


At a time when Europe sees a major threat pouring out of ships landing on its shores, it is worth looking at where our own ships had ventured first. They are still there, stranded, wrecked along the shorelines. Ready to talk, if we are ready to listen: A flagship of German colonialism in Namibia, a GDR present to the Angolan brothers in arms in the cold war and an icebreaker for cruise tourism, beached in Samoa. What are the stories of the ships - and why did they get stranded? What can they tell us even today? My journey starts when I listened to the tale of a wreck that brought my ancestor to Namibia, some 100 years back. The wrecks and their stories will teach me, and guide me back into the 21st century. It will navigate me towards today, into a moment when the tides have changed direction.

Team Partner
Jürgen Hohmuth, writer

Training Programme
Masterschool 2016