Lukas Roegler
Lukas Roegler
director, producer, journalist

The African Start-up Revolution

From San Francisco to Berlin. From Shanghai to Sydney. The world is starting up. But nowhere is this more relevant than in sub-Saharan Africa, where a new generation of entrepreneurs has set out to change the face of the continent from the ground up. From Lagos to Nairobi, from Kigali to Cape Town young innovators from Africa and the diaspora are not only creating the jobs they need, but increasingly the societies they want. But can they really achieve what 60 years of foreign aid failed to deliver? Following 34-year-old Mark Essien who left a promising career in Berlin to start-up in Nigeria, as he battles predatory Western competition expanding across Africa, we connect the dots of a business revolution that might be the continent’s last chance to avert mass migration and environmental collapse.

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