Oleg, Alexey and Zakir are the founders of the activist organization ALTERNATIVA. Their purpose is to find and liberate labor slaves from about 500 illegal brick factories in Dagestan, Russian republic. Producing bricks is very profitable, especially when your workers have been kidnapped and traded to you as slaves that you don't have to pay.

The more ALTERNATIVA untangles the thread in order to find the slaves, the more horrible parts of the chthonic monster emerge: all slave traders' connections lead to big cities like Moscow and the level of corruption is off-scale...Oleg, Alexey and Zakir receive and process requests of missing people and have so far liberated hundreds of slaves, while Russian authorities remain silent. To be continued in our film....

Team Partner
Matvey Troshinkin
Producer / Production Details
Elemag Pictures, Ethnofund Russia with WDR and The Guardian
Training Programme
Masterschool 2015