Haidy  Kancler
Haidy Kancler
Director & Writer

Skiing in Scarves

In the Afghan mountain province of Bamyan, female Slovenian ski instructor Ana is providing a chance for girls to try serious ski training. Women in sports are confronted with many gender- related obstacles and prejudices, even outright opposition. Zakia, Masoma and Fatima are Ana‘s best students - ambitious and determined to advance in their ski activities and even join the World Cup in the future. Aware of the limited possibilities in Afghanistan, Ana is preparing them for an extensive training course in the Alps. Their journey to Europe is the central part of the film, where girls will be confronted with the harsh reality and tough competition of the Western professional world of sports. Their dreams are universal and easy to identify with, while their culture is much more complex and sometimes hard to understand from a European perspective. Although already exercising their individual freedom, the girls are still influenced and limited by conservative Afghan society and its harsh treatment of women. Their values and views may be different from European ones. This film will explore their emotional and cultural world during their encounter with European culture and its people. This will bring a new perspective and understanding of Afghani people, including the ones already living in Europe.

Team Partner
Boštjan Virc
Top Awards/Festivals
EWA Network's development award at WEMW Trieste (2018)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2017