Annika Gustafson
Annika Gustafson


"I never thought I would be in the shit business," says Bob, Texas multi-milionaire and ex-oil man. And he is not the only one. An architect and his wife who have invested everything in their controversial idea, a prophet high school teacher from the Swedish archipelago, and a self-made urban planner from the grimiest slums of Kenya are just some of the visionaries who have discovered that dangerous and disgusting human waste can be a virtually limitless supply of energy and fertilizer when safely treated.

As the world's energy crisis and overpopulation problems accelerate, the film inspires laughter and outrage at the same time as it gets to the bottom of a natural bodily function that everybody does, but nobody talks about.

Team Partner
Phil Jandaly, director
Producer / Production Details
Bedouin Viking Productions
Training Programme
Masterschool 2010