Saving America

Keith McHenry wants to “restore America to a democracy, if it ever was one.” In 1980, he launches the Food Not Bombs movement. They salvage food discarded by America’s oversized food industry and serve it to the hungry and homeless in protest to war. But instead of being hailed a hero, he’s demonized by the State – arrested, imprisoned and even labeled a terrorist. 25 years later, baker Eric Montanez joins FNB instead of enlisting in the army, to help feed America’s growing homeless population. But the City of Orlando introduces a law stopping him from feeding people in public and he’s soon arrested. Montanez says he’s not proud of the America he lives in and he’s now fighting the law in the federal courts. Will he win the right to feed the people?

Producer / Production Details
Elizabeth Tadic and Selene Alcock / Shoot Me Pictures / Australia
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2010