Stefano Strocchi
Stefano Strocchi

Saturday, Justice Day!

Judge Sueli Pereira Pini is an energetic, curly haired woman and mother of seven. Against illiteracy, prejudice, corruption and envy, she fights to bring justice to the communities living at the mouth of the Amazon river, in the north of Brazil. Her efforts earned her a nomination for the Nobel Prize in 2005.

Saturday, Justice Day! is her latest initiative: A full day with over 200 hearings in the Macapa special court-house. Assault, battery, adultery and abuse of women are a few of the most frequent cases. Following the preparation and development of the Justice Day, we see how she ensures that justice becomes available to all and how it can be delivered in a human way. Her main aim is to reach conciliation. "If we are able to solve small problems, bigger ones will be prevented," she keeps repeating. "Justice is there to be made."

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Elena Mortelliti, director
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Stefilm International
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Masterschool 2008