Ruch & Norie

Japanese anthropology student Norie Tsuruta from Kyoto arrives in Latvia and falls in love with the unique Latvian region Suiti. Suiti is an ancient country community and a unique, little-known Latvian tribe listed in the UNESCO World Immaterial Cultural Heritage. Life in the Latvian countryside transforms from anthropology studies into a unique school of life and emotional experience. An amazing connection is formed by two different individuals and cultures, which is revealed through the interaction between these two ladies both passionate for cultural heritage. This visually magnificent, exploratory journey uniting past and present forms a deeply humane story beginning with Norie’s arrival in the home of an open-hearted Suiti woman Ruch who becomes the central character of her story. The inspirational friendship of Ruch and Norie encourages appreciation and comprehension of the cultural wealth and different people.This documentary portrays the cultural spaces of both characters in Latvia and Japan.

Ināra Kolmane, Director
Marta Mannenbach, Producer

Producer / Production Details
Film Studio Devini
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2012