Room For A Man

In my family, everyone seems to know the answer of the following question: ‘What is it to be a man?’ except myself. In the absence of my father and the confusion of roles at home, I decide to renovate my room and thus, invite a construction worker I choose, to help me fix everything. While my bedroom turns to a construction site, the mess in the house will arise. The relationship with my single mother, mysterious sister and my cute Doberman will eventually get deconstructed into fragments of pictures. In an Image-based society, I cannot escape normalization. In a 4m2 space will I be able to make room for a Man?

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Top Awards/Festivals
Grand Prize at Montreal RIDM Grand Prize (2017)
Sheffield Doc/Fest (2018)
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (2018)
Training Programme
The MENA Programme 2013