Michael P. Aust
Michael P. Aust

Regretting Motherhood

"I don't want to show my face today because the subject of regretting being a mother is a taboo subject in our society. To say that you would rather have remained childless arouses outrage and anger. Regretting mothers don't get understanding, but contempt" says blogger Christine.

The book Regretting Motherhood, published by Israeli sociologist Orna Donath triggered a controversial debate with immense ideological hardening - a public issue that is intimate, painful and very personal. Our film highlights three mothers who regret their motherhood - though still loving their children – and it looks for reasons and solutions to cope with this situation. For the first time, regretting mothers will step in front of the camera to give an insight view into their dilemma.

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Kristina Schippling, director
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Masterschool 2020