Rebel Objects

At the end of the 1940s' the archaeologist Samuel Lothrop arrived in the southern part of Costa Rica. The extensive banana plantations that settled on the bank of the Great Térraba River uncovered wonders, only to ravage them. Treated with indifference and neglect, these multi-sized stone spheres that emerged from the earth will be forgotten and abandoned. In the 1990s', the archaeologist Iphigenia Quintanilla discovered more sites with similar spheres and highlighted the importance of the phenomenon from a particular standpoint. Since then her life has been marked by the life of these objects. “Rebel objects” is the portrait of Iphigenia Quintanilla and her research on the stone spheres of southern Costa Rica. She studies how things break. An object dies when the gaze caressing it disappears.

Team Partner
Alexandra Latishev, Producer, La Linterna Films, Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Training Programme
Campus Latino 2017