Steven Dhoedt
Steven Dhoedt

Reach for the SKY

Every year, on the 2nd Thursday of November, the entire country of South-Korea is put to the test. That day, more than half a million senior high school students take part in the National University Exam, better known as Suneung.

The three most prestigious universities are the Seoul National University, the University of Korea and the Yonsei University, commonly known in Korea as the SKY universities. Getting into a university with a good reputation is one of the most competitive experiences Korean students will ever experience in their life.

Reach for the SKY tells the story of several South-Korean high school students, their families and teachers, as they prepare for the annual National Exam. The exam will not only determine where the high school seniors will attend university but ultimately also their status in the Korean hierarchical society.

Team Partner
Gert Van Berckelaer, producer
Sinae Ha, producer
Wooyoung Choi, director
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Top Awards/Festivals
DOK Leipzig (2015)
Busan I.F.F (2015)
One World F.F. (2016)
Docpoint Helsinki (2016)
Docville (2016)

Training Programme
Masterschool 2012