Plan B - Bound to Stay on Earth

Spaceship Earth in 2020: crew 7.8 billion. Numbers constantly rising. Distribution of wealth: unequal. Ecosystem status: precarious. Thousands of species are falling prey to a mass extinction unseen for thousands of years, global warming is heading towards more than three degrees and seems unstoppable. Human civilization and the planet’s biosphere are in danger. If we want the Earth to be habitable for future generations, it’s time to ask the inconvenient question: How many people can – on a sustainable standard of living – live on Earth? Radical anti-natalists demanding human extinction, demographers calculating how many people it could be, critics insisting on focusing on our consumption level, family planning activists fighting against unmet need of contraceptives — PLAN B approaches the topic of population from very different directions.

Image Copyright: Goodplanet - Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Team Partner
Marcel Seehuber, director
Producer / Production Details
schöne neue filme., Germany
Training Programme
Masterschool 2021