Moritz	 Helmes
Moritz Helmes

Perro - Growing Up Between Two Worlds

Through the planning of the mega-project “El Gran Canal“ a second “Panama Canal“ to be built in Nicaragua, the homeland of the indigenous population is threatened. Among them is our protagonist Perro (12). The fi lm follows the boy who grows up in this currently changing world, as he faces many significant decisions. Does he follow his dream to attend college in the city or does he stay to fight for his village on the side of his family? Perro decides in favor of the adventure and we accompany him on his journey. During his first school year he faces many challenges and obstacles. He is confronted with the question whether he has made the right decisions. Will he stay in the city or is he drawn back to his roots which are on the verge of extinction?

Team Partner
Lin Sternal, director

Producer / Production Details
Zum Goldenen Lamm
Top Awards/Festivals
Berlinale - Generation (2020)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2016