Ana Endara
Ana Endara


Panamazing is an animated documentary that traces the efforts of Panama to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, portraying, with skepticism and humor a small country that dreams of being big. During this journey we meet Andres Gardin, a humble 64-year-old taxi driver, who aspires to earn a world record and trains relentlessly to achieve it. Even though the lack of economic resources drastically reduces his opportunities to certify his attempt, he dreams of winning a Guinness World Record for Panama as the world’s fastest at peeling coconuts with his teeth. Panamazing chronicles his struggle, intertwined with many other stories that precede his, weaving together each of these accounts of personal struggle and achievement to reveal our country’s indomitable capacity to dream.

Team Partner
Isabella Galvez, Producer
Training Programme
Campus Latino 2017