Milos Lochman
Milos Lochman

Open Secrets

Nikol and Dagmar are two friends in their 40s who seemingly live happy lives. They were both born in Prague where Nikol has become a successful business visionary and she lives a turbulent love life of bisexual woman. The ex-model and occasional actress Dagmar now is raising her son in Los Angeles. However, both of them are oppressed by the sense that something is missing in their lives, without really knowing what that might be. The other women around them all seem to be stuck in a similar crisis of female identity.

What do women really want and need today, in the post emancipation era? Nikol and Dagmar would like to find an answer to the million dollar question. And then they would like to embark on a unique business venture. They intend to open a "treat club" catering exclusively to women. A brothel for women. But is it possible to buy intimacy?

Team Partner
Bibiana Beňová, director
Producer / Production Details
Moloko Film
Czech Republic
Training Programme
Masterschool 2014