When a Dream Comes True

My name is Ed. I just turned 39 and started wearing a new eye. All of this has made me realize that my life in Barcelona barely resembles the life I had planned for myself. Before I turn 40, I need to establish what it is I do want from life in all ways. I need to do something, and that something is pursuing my childhood dream of succeeding in the US fi lm industry. I know. Such a cliché and not even a concrete aim... So I will surely have to explore different options: selling my first script, working on a movie or –why not– try to make it as an actor... What I’m sure of is that, as I go on this journey of self-discovery, I will interview and join in the lives of as many other middle class 39-year-old guys as possible. What dreams have they achieved or failed to achieve? How do they feel about this crucial pre-40-year? And what will I discover about the modern man?.

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