Haruna  Honcoop
Haruna Honcoop

Olympic Halftime

At the beginning of the new millennium, China was able to build the infrastructure and complete the development of the gigantic Olympic town in Beijing and prepare 37 various sports facilities and their background, including 12 entirely new stadia for the 2008 Olympics. The gigantic stadium Bird’s Nest, both the opening and the closing ceremonies can accommodate 91,000 seats and is the largest national stadium in the world. A group of architects from the Swiss studio Herzog & De Meuron in conceptual and design cooperation with the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei won the competition for designing the stadium.

The film 10 years after the Olympics, intends to address several people involved in the development and organisation as well as visitors and, with their help, reflect on the condition of the Olympic stadia – both those that are still in use and those that have no raison d’être after the Olympics asking questions about the meaning of this megalomaniac project.

Considering that another Olympics in Beijing are approaching in 4 years and that additional infrastructure for the Winter Olympics 2022 is being built outside the capital city, this is a fitting opportunity for such a reflection: to assess the impact of the development 10 years after, the benefits that the stadia brought for the city, and how they are treated today; and to capture the preparations, development and promotion for the next Olympics.

Team Partner
Vit Janecek, Producer
Production company: D1film (Czech Republic)
Czech Republic
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Crossing Borders 2018