Haruna  Honcoop
Haruna Honcoop

Olympic Halftime

Beijing has become the only city in the world‘s history that organizes Olympic games twice. Some Olympic venues from summer 2008 will be reused again in winter 2022, while others are abandoned and new huge places for winter sports are being built in the mountain – where snow usually does not appear. The scale, speed and other various aspects of this huge development become both specific and metaphoric content for the director’s personal reflection of contemporary China, its urbanism and the interpretation of Olympic ideas as a tool for development of the international image of China and its leaders in the current, global scene. Seen through the eyes of a foreign filmmaker speaking Chinese, the film-essay orchestrates the experience of various characters connected with the Olympic sites, the various images and ideas, into a one personal but complex image of Chinese response for the legacy of ancient Europe.

Team Partner
Vit Janecek, Producer
Production company: D1film (Czech Republic)
Czech Republic
Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2018