Janine Finlay
Janine Finlay

Oh No! Not Another Documentary about Climate Change!

If you care about the planet's future, but you are also thinking - Oh no! Not another documentary about climate change! - then this film is for you. This is assuredly not another finger-pointing, apocalyptic vision of climate change, but rather a light-hearted look at our responses to it. Whilst people grow weary of the science and politics, they are perennially intrigued by what makes themselves tick.

The documentary seeks to answer one important question – why, when we know we need to change, are we doing nothing? The answer is fascinating: We are not aware that we are doing nothing! The film takes an inspirational journey into the human unconscious, using social experiments to reveal how environmental threat elicits self-destructive behaviors, and how our disconnection from nature is exacerbating climate change.

This unique nature-documentary style gives an opportunity to see the human species objectively and the changes we need to make to move toward environmental recovery.

Producer / Production Details
Fin Films
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2010