Stefan Kloos
Stefan Kloos

Of Sharks and Fish

Poker is a very fitting simulation of real life – only that the rules which separate victory from defeat are much easier.

Every day, millions of poker players meet privately – in back rooms, on the Internet or at live tournaments. They are a part of the worldwide poker boom. Their goal is to conquer their opponent in a seemingly archaic duel and pinch money off them. They stalk and observe one another half the night in order to be able to strike at just the right moment.

In real life, good poker players might be nice people, but at the poker table they transform into egoists with nothing but their own interests in mind. Nowhere else do people act and swindle as much as they do while playing poker. It is all about devouring and being devoured. Who is the shark? And who is the fish?

Team Partner
Rolf Wolkenstein, director
Producer / Production Details
Kloos & Co. in co-production with ZDF/ARTE
Supported by MEDIA
Distributed by Rise and Shine

Top Awards/Festivals
Broadcast on ARTE (12 February, 2012)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2009