Nourishing Asean

The number 1 similarity all share is the staple food that nourishes everyone here, RICE. It is through this nourishment one gets that eventually will also nourishes the mind and thereon will built the dreams everyone here have, a better future. This documentary will use RICE as the main ingredient, its trail from where it is cultivated right till it reaches the plate, banana leaves and whatsoever of the person it is going to nourish. Rice is cultivated differently in each country due to the terrain, climate and other factors so back to the saying “same but different” cos it is still rice but how it comes about is different. This also allows audience to realise the importance of reaching out to help, to narrow the socio-economic divide and finally to share from Tun Mahathir quote during the height of the 97’ economic crises i.e. Prosper Thy Neighbor.

Training Programme
Crossing Borders 2013