Matthew Hay
Matthew Hay

My Son The Terrorist

We are fast approaching the 15th anniversary of 9/11 – an atrocity that changed the face of terror forever. Over the last few months with stories of ISIS expansion flooding our airwaves, we find ourselves in the grip of a brutal 21st century crusade, complete with conversion by the sword, with its roots in the events of that fateful September day in New York.

These global atrocities have taken on an abstract feel in their horror. But behind every horror is a perpetrator and behind every perpetrator is a mother. Set against the backdrop of global events, the film tells the stories of radicalization through the prism of the mothers left behind when their sons go off to holy war.

Why and how did these sons descend into violent extremism, and what part have their mothers played in this descent?

Team Partner
Nick Marcq, director
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Latimer Films
United Kingdom
Training Programme
Masterschool 2014