Giuseppe   Vaccaro
Giuseppe Vaccaro

My Holy Family

There is a monastery in the heart of Palermo where 12 nuns lead a cloistered life in poverty, based on the rules of St.Clare.

The great-grandaunt of the director, Sister Maria Maddalena, lived a short and tragic life in this monastery. Since her death, she is said to be able to give divine help. The nuns collected stories, told by the people of Sicily, in which their deceased co-sister appears as taking care of worldly problems with the help of God – appearing as miracles.

The nuns have developed a pragmatic way to deal with these appearances and found their own way of handling the legacy of Sister Maria Maddalena. The film provides an insight into the hidden world behind the walls of the monastery, showing the daily life and hardship of this community of women, while hoping and praying for divine miracles.

Team Partner
Felix Mengel, producer
Training Programme
Masterschool 2020