My Class: From Russia with Relativity

My Class: From Russia with Relativity is a film about the brain drain, about tradition and globalization, about materialism and idealism and, not least, about national identity.

In 1982, a class of 26 youngsters attended an elite school for mathematics to prepare for a bright future – until Perestroika happened. Today they are spread all over the world; hardly any of them are employed for scientific research.

With this film, Ekaterina Eremenko undertakes a very personal journey into her past to meet her former classmates and find out what has become of them. The film tells the story of a generation that was dramatically influenced by the political changes.

Team Partner
Meike Martens, producer
Heino Deckert, producer
Producer / Production Details
Zero One Film in co-production with Maximage, ARTE, BBC, RBB
Supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Top Awards/Festivals
Winner of Grand Prix and Audience Award at International Film Festival Kin
Nominee for Russian Documentary Award at Film Festival Lavr

Broadcast on BBC, ARTE, RBB, SwissTV, TV Kultura
Training Programme
Masterschool 2002