Jörg Daniel Hissen
Jörg Daniel Hissen

Mount St. Helens - Life from Zero

Mount St. Helens – Life from Zero is story of resilience of nature, set against the amazing backdrop of the largest natural laboratory in the world. This living laboratory was created when St. Helens's volcano erupted in 1980. One of the greatest natural disasters of our time, it turned a pristine forested mountain into a barren landscape as lifeless as Mars.

The slopes of St. Helens are still closed to the outside world. What has happened there remains the secret of the award winning biologist Charlie Crisafulli, the only scientist who has stayed with the site over the last 27 years, a dramatic period of hope and fear. He provides an insight into this amazing resurrection for the first time, exclusively.

It is a nature and science documentary telling a unique story of determination and perseverance – of nature struggling to live and of man sacrificing all to witness that miracle.

Producer / Production Details
Interspot Film in co-production with ORF, NOVA/WBGH Boston, ZDF/ARTE, BMUKK, in association with Fremantle Media
Supported by Fernsehfonds Austria
Distributed by Fremantle Media
Top Awards/Festivals
Winner of Best Film Award at International Greenscreen Festival (2010)
Winner of Gold Camera Award at US International Film Festival (2010)
Audience Jury Award at Sondrio Festival (2010)
Best Film Award at Unicaja Scientific Film Festival (2010)
Golden Eagle at CINE Golden Eagle Competition (2010)
Prix Scientifique at Festival International du Film Animalier (2011)
Grand Prix at International Film Festival St. Petersburg (2011)

Matsalu International Nature Film (2010)
Namur Nature Festival (2010)
Telenatura Pamplona (2010)
International Filmfestival Graz (2010)
Science Film Festival (2010)
Training Programme
Masterschool 2006